"Another summer's day has come and gone Away..."
Both Born: Westerly RI
Connecticut/Rhode Island border
Daddy's heart, always healthy and strong now
Engelbert Humperdinck GOLD click here for full album
Friends in NC covered me from chocolate (thank you Meghan) to pet sitting and so much more. xoxoxo (Thank you, Andie, Julie, and Courtney) xoxoxo

House that Jack Built
Inside this home is my heart, and vice versa
John Denver : "Back Home Again" a mix tape Dad took to Spain in 1977. He was so HOMEsick the entire trip. Especially because his first grandchild had just been born. That would be...
Kristen, thank you for this post on my page today:

Law Legacy of Love is with each and everyone of us always

Napatree Point, the bay side

Ocean side cartwheel
Pawcatuck Avenue, Pawcatuck CT

Question of the day, Aug 17, 2016: "Where is 'home'?"

Ram Dass : “We're all just walking each other home.”
Ultimately, we carry "home" in our hearts
Videos from most recent trip to CT/RI : click here
Where the heart is... Watch Hill's East Beach
eXtreme gratitude
Zest for life

I feel...

Cracked wide open
Disoriented and Discombobulated
Enormous sadness
Grateful for every time you held my hand and reminded me who I am
Honored to be your daughter
Intensely aware of the meaning of the word "grief" and Inspired to create
Jokes now make more sense and have even more meaning
Noticing things I Never Noticed before
Open, Overwhelmed, and Overjoyed
eXhausted, but eXtremely grateful for every moment
Your smile will forever break my heart and sooth me...

ZigZagging from Zen-ish to Zoned out

August heat, humidity, and beauty

"Aficionados of August revel in relinquishment..." ~ Sarah BanBreathnach
Consistency... Clear Communication... Courage
Enormous Energy and freedom for growth
 Formosa Lily near the greenhouse

Goji berries are looking Great!!
Heart Hurts, but others' Hearts Help:
"I feel that I am in the mouth of summer, sloshing in the saliva of August. Hummingbirds halo me there, in the great green silence, and my own bursting heart splits me with life." ~ Anne Higgins
"Let a seaonally sanctioned sojourn of slow joys, refill the authentic reservoir of creative energy." ~ SBB

Quiet space in which to try and process and let go the enormity of the range of feels
Resveratrol a type of natural phenol produced by several plants in response to injury or when the plant is under attack by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. Food sources of resveratrol include the skin of grapes, blueberries, raspberries, and mulberries. ~ Wikipedia

 thank you, Kristen

Unusual and beautiful
Variety of Veggies

Xeric environment within our garden
Yellows throughout as well

Zucchetta Tromboncino Summer Squash