The Kingdom of EXPANSION by Robert Collier

Ancient Greek Οὐρανός, Ouranos [oːranós] meaning "sky" or "heaven"
Bless the bread and the fishes - gratitude for what we have already been been given
Communication of the vital, blessed gifts of God
Do not despair... Day 20...
Embrace the Timeless
Few realize the power of praise and blessing
God gave you dominion over the earth ... Give to everything and everybody... Give a thank offering
Heat of love fanned by the breath of faith : true Happiness
Increase: whatever we praise and bless is multiplied
Jesus' teachings are also timeless
Kingdom of God which is within
Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is the least of all seeds, but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof." source
Love, fanned by the breath of faith
Magnify and find the glowing element of praise
Nothing for the mind to wrestle with... the Natural state of perception 
Οὐρανός, Ouranos [oːranós] meaning "sky" or "heaven" wikipedia
Praise always magnifies. Praise and Prayer with thanksgiving
Quality of thoughts, and choosing the "right" thoughts
Responsive on the part of everything in life proves the scriptural promise 
"Seek ye first the Kingdom of EXPANSION, and all these things shall be added unto you." Seek a place or a state of being where you can expand, grow, increase, multiply, bring forth fruit. source
ThankFULL for everything 
Universe with revolving particles
Vegetable kingdom is used as a beautiful example of the way that nature works (18:40)
Where there is ceaseless energy, there is life. the World is not a finished product. We ARE CREATORS
eXpansion : grow : multiply : bring forth fruit

"Man, The Image and Likeness of God" by Joseph Benner

As above, so below. As below, so above.” click here for that audio
Beneficent: generous or doing good; resulting in good
Come back into harmony... centre of consciousness in 
Divine Mind...Dwell in the awareness of one’s Godhood, and to become conscious of one’s
Wisdom and Power
Etheric and magnetic forces, that it is said to resemble a solar system of suns, stars, planets and moons, with comets circling in their orbits among them.
Forces of the law... Fully assimilated, thereby creating perfect health (harmony and happiness of mind).
Godlike, partaking of all of God’s nature, attributes and powers, if he is God’s image;
it must always have been so, for so he was created, which means that he will always
be Godlike.
Highest function of the mind is to reason... Highest function of the heart is intuitive understanding, and working together there is nothing that needs to be known that cannot be known.
Ignorance is but separation from the truth
 Joyous noise of little children at play. 
"Know thy self...the Kingdom of Divine Mind, the wisdom centre"
Let go and turn within... connect ... with the Divine Mind
Man, The Image and Likeness of God” Paper No. 40 April, 1932 by Joseph Benner
Next up... The Sun Papers; #41 click here for that beautiful audio
"Only Light and Love ruled the hearts of men, and the darkness of self could not approach, no more than can darkness be where there is a brilliant light."
Peace, plenty, love and unity... A great peace fills my heart.”
Quiet quality time with Jacquelyn Beth Law, and my pets
Rapacity : aggressive greed Release anxious thoughts and chatter
"Skin represents mind’s belief in God’s Love ever surrounding and protecting each
center of consciousness in His body of Truth."
Timeless joy in every moment : True power is in the real here and now ~ Day 16
Universal Consciousness is always waiting to pour into [us] the riches of Divine Mind. Man being a centre of Universal Consciousness should then always be connected with it, should be a part of it, all that is in it being ever available for his use. 
Visions and Dreams in the soul realm, fourth dimension of consciousness
Within the "struggle" lies the blessing - Wednesday, Nov 15th
eXpanded state of awareness: breathe slowly and deeply... eXhale love
Yesterday... what does that even mean?
 and helps you focus

Restorative, Inspired ... Slowly, Slowly, they return...

Bifurcation: the division of something into two branches or parts.
Chocolate Stars :) Christmas has landed at Trader Joe's and pretty much everywhere else too
Digesting thoughts - Pedram Shojai: The art of stopping time.
Embrace change
"Great Trees" Music by Malcolm Dalglish, Text by Wendell Berry "Great trees, outspreading and upright, Apostles of the living light..." click here to listen
Hummingbird beautiful represents the centering thought for Day 10
"In fall their brightened leaves, released / Fly down the wind, and we are pleased / To walk on radiance, amazed / O light come down to earth, by praised!" ~ Wendell Berry
Joyner Hall, Tuesday, Nov 7th
Keeping my inner ocean clean, clear, and unwavering
Lovely Loquat blossoms 11 Nov 17

Morning Moringa 8 Nov 17
Not wispy, wishy-washy wishes, but triple stranded ideas with solid, well thought out solutions
"O light come down to earth, be praised!" ~ Wendell Berry
"Patient as stars, they build in air / Tier after tier a timbered choir / Stout beams upholding weightless grace / Of song, a blessing on this place." ~ Wendell Berry
Quiet enough to hear the whispers of the still, small voice
"Receiving sun and giving shade / Their life's a benefaction made / And is a benediction said / Over the living and the dead." ~ Wendell Berry
"Slowly, slowly, they return / To the small woodland let alone / Great trees, outspreading and upright / Apostles of the living light." ~ Wendell Berry
"They stand in waiting all around...They are the advent they await." ~ Wendell Berry 
"Uprisings of their native ground / Downcomings of the distant light..." ~ Wendell Berry
Vitamin D is the glue, the catalyst, and the 
What is focusing but zooming in and out?
eXpect eXtraordinary: Xmas foraging - thyme in a bottle
You... You are timeless." ~ Oprah, Day 13, perfect for my Mom!!
"Zone of mental peace and quiet, the now." ~ Deepak, Day 15