Mid March - Big Birthday

Arrived!! Airport, Friday evening, March 17, 2017
Breakfast :) March 18, 2017
Coffee - Bulletproof Coffee, of course!
Dinner at Goji Bistro to celebrate this milestone birthday
Eight years ago was the last time my Mom traveled to North Carolina. This was
First trip to our home in Raleigh.
Gram, Mom, Nancy Ann Thomason Law, 
Helped us celebrate a very... 

Into the stream
Jacquelyn Beth Law again, it became official this week.
Kabuki for dinner
Logan's Birthday week
Mom's visit requires a Meredith visit and maybe Macaroons 
Neighborhood walk at sunrise
Oatmeal at Whole Foods
Pets love Grammy
"Quixotic pursuits momentarily allowed us to ignore the inevitable." ~ where did I see this?
Resting some too...

Sugarland, Cameron Village
Tulips and birthday cake:
Until the next time...
Visiting with Mom/Gram was such an incredible treat
Walking Misty...
this was truly an eXcellent celebration of all of our lives
Zeppole, traditional St. Joseph’s Day (March 19th) treat, and a new word I learned from my Mom this week

March 12th Full Moon in Virgo: Let it Heal You

Adored. Anointed. Serve it. Like it is your greatest
Blessing. Like it is your most sacred task. Like it is the gateway to everything...
 Chiron, The Wounded Healer, comes as it needs to. We cannot force it. We cannot contort ourselves into it.
Do not leave it Desperate for you.
Endless Practice  by Mark Nepo is providing help ful insights
Fill up your empty. Let it Heal You: Sunday’s Full Moon in Virgo
Ground you. Get you together.  Guide you. Give you what has been missing. Go to it. Go through all you have to get through to get to it. Go towards all that helps you develop it. Go to any length to make it feel at home. Good work transforms us. 
 Hózhó :​ Walk in beauty, Walk in good health, Walk in balance. Walk in Beauty - Thank you, John
Inform you. Let your work form you. Imagining poetic possibilities.
"Just This Person" means that the noble work of every soul is to fulfill the reach of our own aliveness." ~ Mark Nepo Endless Practice p. 72
 Messy and determined. Moving beyond what reality has offered up.
Noble work of every soul is...to fulfill the reach of our own aliveness."  ~ Mark Nepo Endless Practice p. 72 (worth repeating) 
 On Sunday, March 12th at 7:54 AM PT, the full moon will arrive at 22° of Virgo. 
Place to make your Peace with all that has been at war with you. Let it give you solace where there has only been sorrow. Let it give you strength where there has only been misinterpretation of you. 
 Quiddity : the real nature of a thing; the essence
 "Rivers in the Ocean"  Art by Marleen Visser
Specific and symbolic. Relentless and forgiving. Serve the sum total of our soul.
"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." ~ Alan W. Watts "Trust nature. To tune into the rhythms of life. Virgo is blessed with the desire to heal. To eliminate what is toxic...Through incremental efforts. Through precise intentions. Through giving way to what is greater than us. The work of this full moon is to let ourselves be defined by our efforts."
 Understand the systems of the body. 
Virgo is blessed with the ability to serve. The ability to work. The ability to make a masterpiece out of a mess. Virgo is blessed with a relentless drive to get it right. To get it working. To get it to those who need it. Virgo is blessed with the ability to see what doesn’t fit. 
Wisteria was blooming, before the snow and cold blew in
"We alone are in control of what we offer. We alone will either master or misuse our talents. We alone will either offer our best to the gods we serve, or offend those gods that wish to serve us.
Blessed with the knowledge that sincere efforts help to assuage our anXieties, Virgo knows that using its abilities is imperative to eXperiencing any kind of calm. 
Your work is your way through. Your work is your altar. Your savior. Your great initiation.
 Zimbardo, Phil : "The future is always modifiable by our actions."

ABCs to Celebrate the Art of Mary Engelbreit


Keep your wits about you... 

 Mary Engelbreit's art is amazing:


Valentine baking with love