Sunday, Sept 18, 2016 - "Studying"

"Appreciate the moment... connect with soul... Appreciate the little things in life."
"Beauty is nature's operating instructions... Beauty is the dance of life... Beauty does motivate and open our hearts." 
"Communicating that energy to open up people's hearts... we need to live in harmony with the planet."
"Dance of life that every creature's doing : Life. Decide on what's most important to focus on."
Emotional connection to the outside world. Energy is a reflection of who you are
Filmmaker: Louie Schwartzberg : "Focusing on what's most important."
Gratitude cultivated by slowing down and appreciating the beauty of the world. video here
"Hardwired to protect what we fall in love with."
"If you find your path, you'll never lose your way."
"Joy in capturing magic moments to share with people." 
Know that we matter - by being connected to something greater than ourselves.
Light energy going into your eyes, brain, create an image, electrical impulse in the heart = connection
"Motivates you to make the right choices by seducing you with color and taste and touch and smell to do the right things."  ~  Louie Schwartzberg
Nature is truth, manifesting the order and intelligence of a living passion... heart opening. That's what Nature does to us, it brings us back home.

"Oh My God": "Oh" makes you present. "my" means its connecting deep inside your soul, letting your inner voice come out (gateway) and "God" is the universal energy we are all connected to."
Power of letting go and facing fears
Questions: What is the soul?

TedTalk: Louie Schwartzberg: "Hidden miracles of the Natural World" experience it here
Unstoppable force of energy: life. be responsible for the energy you carry around
Visual meditation. Visual healing. let go and feel it emotionally
eXcites you the most in nature? slow motion shots of hummingbirds :) eXploring the big questions
Zest for life is of course, found in nature. Time to go play with some roses at Carolyn's.

Last weekend, Sept 10-11, 2016

"At the deepest level, there is infinite peace, undisturbed by the play of opposites and the clash of darkness versus light." ~ Deepak Chopra
 is for Butterfly life cycle
Cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton's "Biology of Perception"
Dessert while Doing laundry. What a treat!!
Environmental Signals. which do you want? scared scream or Ecstasy?
"Ecstasy" by Maxfield Parrish
From the soul's perspective, there is only pure Being.
Growth satisfying Genes ~ Bruce Lipton
Hummer near Joyner
"I am an Indispensable part of  the journey to enlightenment that lies ahead for everyone who steps onto the path." ~ Deepak
"Just as there is only only one state of pure Being, there is only one peace, which blesses every person equally." ~ Deepak
Knowledge is power. Keep perception clear. ~ Bruce Lipton's Latest Training
"Life has everything in it. Life has everything, but you will only see what you have perception filters to were taught how to see life. And here's the beautiful part... we can remove these filters that have interfered with our lives.”  ~ Dr. Bruce Lipton
Maintain balance. Movement Manifest itself.....
Nucleus is just the repository of the pattern, not the command and control center
Open to change by living through a lens of Optimism
Positivity and Proteins are the building blocks that Provide structure
Quantum physics understand is well within my reach. as is Qigong - learn more!
Rob Williams' "The Psychology of Change" 
"So the bottom line is this" Bruce Lipton
This blog post it is a fun combination of my Sunday activities
Under stress we are less intelligent
Where does life come from? Movement. Why is this important?" ~ Bruce Lipton
eXperience leads us to come to conclusions which create our belief, but is that belief accurate?
Your beliefs determine Your biological and behavioral health
Zen thought for today, brought to us by Yoda: 

Here's to continued growth, healing and health!

Anna Maria After the storm:  photo by Kristen Lessig
"Breakdown? Breakthrough? I couldn't escape..." ~ Jerry Maguire
Campbell calls it: Call to adventure or inciting event.
Dad's Pavilion Closing 1994 click here for video was in Val David, Canada, now in Mill Spring, NC
Eleven years ago today, my Ex freed me from the bondage of my own creation
FINDING JOE is a documentary film about Joseph Campbell, the "Hero's Journey" and Joseph Campbell's most important teaching of all: Follow your bliss.
"Gobsmacked" ~ Rashida Jones about suddenly realizing, "it's all the same story
"He always tried to do the right thing." ~ John Romaniello
"It's all yoga" Rebecca Wolf Fitzgerald
Jim Carrey Commencement Speech Full video and transcript : click here
Know what your guiding pillars are. Write them down. Vocalize them. ~ John Romaniello 
Let your light shine brightly  thank you, Katie
My parents 62nd Wedding Anniversary, this is how I will always picture them: video
Now it is garden walk time
Okra harvesting is the
Quiet thing to do next
Return with the elixir 
Seminal work: Highly influential in an original way; constituting or providing a basis for further development: a seed idea in the creation of a new theory.
This case: Joseph Campbell's Thesis  The Hero With a thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell
Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth, and your heart for love. ~ Unknown, but found on Rumi Facebook page
Visceral responses do actually lead me in the direction I need to go.
"eXperience of being alive..." ~ Joseph Campbell
Yes! to this day. Yes! to Life!!
Zone unknown... I think that was from Finding Joe, but a week later, now sure :)