Thoughts are energy, Energy is Everything

Atmosphere in which we create calm and peace. Awareness. Acknowledge
Build a strong, crystal clear vision structure.
Creative power is without limit. Commitment to seeing it Clearly through:
Divine perfection blueprint inside your body... around min 17 of "V" below
Ease and independence centered in the inner world
From the word alone, all things were made that are made.
Go into the silence for strength - God's mind, power, and creative life
Here is the great mystery of life... we are able to use this creative word.
Imagine perfect peace and Infinite good awaiting the touch of our awakened thought
Julie Burke's "Caterday" morning photo :) 
Keeping myself balanced while others swirl can be challenging, but! Lesson 1 in "P" below is "Know the difference between YOUR fear and THEIR fear"
Law of our Life: we are Limitless
Missed the whole point unless we "Make self-care a top priority" ~ Lesson 4 of "P" below
Now is the day in which to begin New life - great expression of New heaven - New earth
"Offer your goodness" by Flying Yogini
Preparing for Life's Hurricanes and the Power to overcome every obstacle
Quaker Oatmeal commercial (2010) popped back up this am on my Facebook feed.
"Remember, you only create from the NOW." ~ Lesson 2 of "Preparing for Life's Hurricanes"
"Share the love." ~ Lesson 5 of "Preparing for Life's Hurricanes"

Use this creative word and that word becomes LAW.
We rise in Spirit
The entire neighborhood is eXcited about the goats. more to come on that topic soon.
Yellow background image is beautiful...
Zeadsdead? funny name, great message, cool photo, thanks Maura

Jean Houston's Unlocking quantum superpowers

Ability to ride the winds of change with flexibility, courage and exquisite grace
Become creative stewards of humanities course
Capacity for understanding and acting on higher purposes. Clarity about the true nature of reality. Creative imagination 
Discernment to choose and be chosen. Deeply conscious human being infused with higher potential
Embodiment of the universe - Evocative
Feel ignited! by a Fire in the belly to keep you moving, creating, evolving into a much higher potential. Fundamental shift. Finding the light and turning it on and being able to Focus your attention on it. Feel the Ocean's energy coursing through you.
Great potencies, patterns and powers. Goodly intention turning into goodly acts.  Great drama and adventure of synchronicity. God seeds becoming God cells or selves. 

Human heart IS capable of living at one with God
I cherish this opportunity. I cherish my life and love those around me. Integrate self with the cosmos.

Journey with Jean one more time
Know your calling and Know that whatever it is, you have the capacity to do it!
Luminous clarity on exactly what is the most important and creative path. Leap across and grasp onto the ledge of that new reality – Living a new story beyond limitations to wonder and astonishment. Live in a state of dynamic expectancy. 

Magnificent human: energy to open the portal of our minds to bring through what is trying to be manifest.  Muchness is taking out the suchness. Living abundant life.

New perception of the Nature reality – it’s visceral. Know that we ARE the universe. Nonetheless plant the seeds. Now is the time I need to integrate and take action.

Our minds are stargates – Our bodies are filled with mysteries that are keys to this phase of our existence! Open to a whole new story of possibility.  Old problems are opportunities in work clothes. 
POWER to expand time so you don’t feel overwhelmed or rushed through life. Passionate about the Possibilities.  Plant the seeds of possibility and bring forth the nutrients for new mind, body, and Spirit. 
Quality of inner goodness and positive, compassionate intention to be effective. Quickened healing process.

Radiant beacon of light for others with energy flowing into and from you. Requires Real self-care.
Shock the future instead of the future shocking you. Stewards. Show up!
Truer nature of reality is woven together – like a “Tapestry”. 
 I've always liked this song and album
Terma: hidden treasures of understanding ... Turn on the light!
Universe is holding its breath. Unkink the flow of your life. Unlocking the life beyond limitations to wonder and astonishment. Unfreeze the light and know you are the light It is an ecstatic feeling enlightened to experience beauty. Unique genius
Virtues that allow us to take the higher and the deeper path.
Working with the universe to co-create; make a difference that makes the difference :together.
Living in the light with eXpectation, eXpect wonderful synchronicities. It's time to come alive in the most eXtraordinary abundant way.
You have the capacity not to waste any more time! You are the outpouring of an immense cosmic love. You become the universe and the universe lives within you.
wake up with Zest! And a sense of “what’s new on the adventure horizon today?” 

September 4-10, 2017

Breathing ExerciseBeat Overwhelm by Dr. Barry Morguelan
CATAPULT INTO THIS ENERGY ’ Audio: by Dr. Barry Morguelan
Dragon energy program by  by Dr. Barry Morguelan

"Fulfillment comes in fits and starts... only we can make sure we will be fulfilled. If we feel empty, no amount of water can fill our well. It has to come from within, from the underground springs and streams." ~ Mary Morris
Guided Visualization Exercise by Dr. Barry Morguelan
Hesitation in midlife, torn between ... circumstance and creative choice... the illusion that many are called fulfillment but few are choice...we're all chosen [by Spirit]; most of us just forget to rsvp" ~ Sarah BanBreathnach's Sept 5th essay in Simple Abundance
"Jobs that are too small for our spirit. Jobs are not big enough for people... jobs are too small for our spirit Career, or Calling" ~ Sarah BanBreathnach's Sept 5th essay in Simple Abundance
Kristen gave me a t-shirt, perfect  for Friday's Wellness Festival and Kris Macomer took this picture
Lonely Ant... 
"Marching One by One" By Emily Anthes  March 3, 2015
"Overwhelm: Riding the Big Waves" by Dr. Barry Morguelan
"Physical Exercise: Beat Overwhelm!" by Dr. Barry Morguelan
"Quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of your thinking." ~ Dr. Barry
"Radiate only light...
Speak only wisdom, accept only love. Do not seek it. Give it.
"Use wisdom in where you plant your seeds."
"What is sacred? Of what is spirit made? What is worthing living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love." ~ Johnny Depp
eXiting Florida and heading as far North as they can go...