Tuesday Wednesday: May 23 - 24, 2017

Be receptive to Brain heart coherence
Claim my identity with Crystal Clarity
Divine being... Depth of understanding
Funny - I thought of the movie Dune when I read the expression "worm has turned"
"Grace is the abiding reality of the universe. Grace means you are completely loved..." ~ Alan Cohen
Jackie, relaxing?May 24, 2013
Keys : to success, to freedom, to kingdom, to car?
Live under the Law of Grace, not Karma grace
"Maybe the worm is finally turning!!!" ~ Greg Vitarbo :)
Open heart, clear mind
Play with Prismatic Possibilities 
"Quantum surprise: map to the future min 34" ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza video
Release us. Resolve this lesson now 
"The worm has turned" is something that you say when someone who has always been weak and obedient starts to behave more confidently or take control of a situation. ~ Urban Dictionary
Use it to describe a situation, especially one's luck, dramatically changing - even better! 
"Vigor and health, abundance, and success are mine." ~ Daily Affirmations click here
"What you want to ignite in others, must first burn inside yourself." ~ Aurelius Augustinus 
eXogenous: relating to or developing from external factors.
 "You go Glen Coco!" ~ thanks for the lesson, Ashley :) YouTube video link here
 Zen image from Spaceweather.com 

Whispering "Oh My God" Loudly this morning...

A Living Prayer by Alison Krauss
  Bright and Beautiful Blooms
Cactus that looks like a rose - I have not noticed anything like this before

Dianthus - I'm fairly certain
Freedom From concern? Interesting concept and Feeling
Gorgeous Gardenias
Happy Hydrangeas

Iris for me - courtesy of Hannah Allen
Jasmine in the air, especially right at the end of our street and in the quad at Meredith
"Knocked to our Knees, we have to surrender...Why wait? Know thyself now." ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza
"Live your life your way.......if they don't like it, good." ~ Jack Kraus
Lovely Lavender at Jones Auditorium
Map My future
Neutralizing Negativity through Neurological rewiring while Nurturing Nursery plants Next to greenhouse :)
Once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But One thing is certain. When you come Out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about..." ~ Jack Kruse CEO of Optimized Life PLC
Purples... full of Potential and Possibilities... Phlox symbolizes Purity of the heart and harmonizes with the crown chakra
Queen Anne's lace
Rehmannia elata: Chinese Foxgloves 
 Jones Auditorium at Meredith College
"Student of learning to listen." ~ Gregg Braden on "News for the Soul" podcast
Treasures are waiting for us to but notice they are blooming" ~ Me :) Sunday
Update resume to include Freelance Writer/Editor
Verified by receiving a check? or by being inspired to write my own story?
"You are the author of your book. Write it your way." ~ Jack Kruse


This morning I woke a little later than I normally do, but for a good reason. A friend saw a recent post and contacted me to see if he could help. We talked for nearly two hours, as it had been awhile since we chatted like that. So many thoughts, ideas, and possibilities bouncing around my brain, and all "signs" pointing in the same direction: come up with a map, a vision, with action items, and a plan... Write my story! (How many time have I heard or read the word "map" lately?)
Feeling grateful for: friends, coffee, pets... Even though Misty rolled around in something that smelled so awful that I was compelled to bathe her before heading out by 7:30 am.

As I walked a bike with flat tires over to Meredith for some much needed Air, I decided to listen to music on my phone. I hit "shuffle all" and heard a song I don't remember purchasing or downloading, but there it was. "Wait" by Get Set Go
And then I got to Wade Ave crosswalk and there was the message Again :)
Before I could
Day 14 "Living with Passion" was leading me on.
Each step of the journey, I 
Felt more connected with something 
Greater than myself
How could
I not, with this
Joy of Joys along the way

K is the sound of beginning of the name of this tree  "Catalpa" is a favorite of mine.
Looped around 
Meredith campus quickly
Next stop was Joyner for my gloves and 
Other shoes ("Sloggers" from my big sis are perfect for my day's activities)
Plus a Pitstop for water
Quick one though, because I was
Riding my bike over to Janice's when she texted, I 
Stopped to answer her and then I saw this Snake in the road. Well good morning to you too! 
Turtle too... In need of a bit of water, I Think
Unusually dry in the little creek behind Janice's home
Visiting leaves were backing it up, so she tackled that 
While I did the mowing, as promised two weeks ago. and then, Watering at MC 
eXcellent art work appeared in the community garden this week
Yes, of course I stopped there on my way back home. I also
Zipped over to the bank near Cameron Village. Well, perhaps "zipped" isn't exactly the right word, but I was on a roll, so I decided to complete the ABCs. Honestly, it was pretty slow going. I was running out of  steam. But! I accomplished all the tasks I set out to, and probably set my own record for 10,000+ steps so early in the day. Not to mention 21 "floors" - there are a number of hills along the path I rode this morning. I cannot believe it was only 4.2 miles, but then, I did have my phone in my bag a number of times along the way, so who knows, and really, who cares? It is what it is.

This is probably a first for me: creating a blog post on the fly AND while telling "my" story.
I'm feeling inspired!